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Chocolate Praline on Online Platforms in China

This 59-sheet report examines in detail how the main companies in the Chocolate Praline sector sell in the main online points of sale, China.

eCommerce Platforms: Jingdong,Kaola,Tmall

The information collected includes:

  • List of brands present at points of sale.
  • Price Analytics
  • Promotional actions taking place
  • Importers that work with each brand
  • Names and images of each SKU
  • Physical positioning on the shelf.
  • Nationalities by point of sale and SKU
  • Brands offering leg with bone
  • Information about sliced product in origin Vs sliced in China

The objective is to provide both visual and numerical information that allows companies in the sector to fully understand the market and adapt their strategies accordingly.

1.250,00 + Imp.

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