Quick Report:Cured Meat in the US Market

We’ve analyzed the cured meat market in the United States, covering a range of products such as ham, salami, sausage, prosciutto, and more. Our investigation utilized the powerful Entrii-Analytics tool, which harnesses Big Data and artificial intelligence. By gathering data from supermarkets across the country, including in-store scouts and other sources, Entrii-Analytics offers valuable insights to assist export managers in their decision-making process.

Our analysis identified 108 brands offering a total of 726 SKUs through online channels and physical stores. These products come in various formats and packaging, primarily originating from Italy, Spain, and the United States. Notably, brands from Denmark, France, the United Kingdom, and Colombia are also present. Over the past year, the prices of these products have remained relatively stable, with no significant fluctuations. Discounts on these products have been insignificant.

| Our analysis identified 108 brands offering 726 SKU in the US market

Delving deeper, we found that Westside-Market, Publix, Food-Cellar, Central-Market, Milans, and Gelsons are the supermarkets with the widest range of brands, while Costo and Key Food Hollywood offer a more limited selection. Additionally, formats weighing over 150 grams have seen the most successful sales in this market.

In Miami-Dade supermarkets, «El Latino,» «Covap,» and «Fermin» emerged as the leading brands in terms of marketed SKUs. These brands can be found in supermarkets such as Milans and Publix.

Comparing median prices between Milans and Publix supermarkets in Miami-Dade for different formats, we observed that Milans maintains prices up to 25% higher than Publix, except for the 450-gram format, which is approximately 5% lower.

It is worth noting that prices in cities like New York and Los Angeles tend to be up to 15% higher than in Miami-Dade. In New York’s Westside Market supermarkets, prices for the same formats can even double the median price, while at Food-Cellar, they can triple it.

Key Findings:

  1. Price variations between cities: Significant price differences exist for cured meat products across cities such as Miami, Los Angeles, New York, and other cities in the Midwest. Generally, supermarkets in New York and Los Angeles have higher prices compared to those in Miami-Dade.
  2. Price differences between supermarkets: Even within the same city, variations in prices for cured meat products can be observed across different supermarkets. These differences may arise due to positioning strategies, competitiveness, and specific trade agreements established by each supermarket.
  3. Preference for formats over 150 grams: Formats weighing over 150 grams have proven to be the most successful in terms of sales in the cured meat market. Consumers clearly prefer purchasing products in medium-sized portions, a factor to consider when planning assortment and pricing strategies in supermarkets.
  4. Market opportunities in Miami-Dade: Miami-Dade supermarkets present opportunities for imported brands, as brands like «El Latino,» «Covap,» and «Fermin» have a higher number of marketed SKUs. These brands, primarily of Spanish origin, can be found in supermarkets such as Milans and Publix. This indicates significant demand for imported cured meat products in Miami-Dade, creating a favorable market for exporters in this sector.

The Entrii-Analytics tool, utilizing Big Data and artificial intelligence, has been indispensable for conducting this analysis and obtaining accurate results. By analyzing variations in prices, formats, and SKU labeling, export managers can gain valuable insights and strategic knowledge. This information can help exporters plan their pricing, assortment, and market penetration strategies in the US cured meat market.

Our conclusion

The analysis of the cured meat market we conducted through Entrii-Analytics has revealed valuable insights for export managers. The market presents variations in prices across cities and supermarkets, with notable demand for imported brands in Miami-Dade. Understanding consumer preferences for specific formats and leveraging the power of data-driven tools like Entrii-Analytics can help export managers stay competitive and capitalize on the opportunities present in the US cured meat market.

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